Did you know that the Lincoln Navigator was one of the very first vehicles that started the frenzy of the luxury, large SUVs? The crown was soon snatched from the Navigator by the likes of Cadillac Escalade but that doesn’t undermine the fact that this is a true piece of history and one of the most majestic, large SUV you can still buy today. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator has undergone several improvements and we believe this is a step to the right direction to reclaim its place in the large, luxury SUV segment.

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator has moved to an aluminum-intensive body while retaining a similar construction from previous year. The 2018 Navigator has also managed to shed some 200-pound in the process. The new version is offered in a longer L-body style and of course, the usual standard. The front grille with Lincoln emblem in the center will glow as driver approaches. Other cool features include an illuminating bulbs in the lower fascia, taillights and puddle lights etc. The adaptive headlight is also neat: adjusting light pattern based on the vehicle’s speed.

2018 Lincoln Navigator offers a super comfortable seating arrangement that is very much customizable. You can literally adjust the seating options 30 ways. You can also turn the three-person bench in the second row into two captain’s chairs. The third row offers power recline while all three rows offer heating, cooling and massage functions. The rear seat has plenty of entertainment features: 10.0-inch screens, Sling Media integration can offer live TV, plenty of outlets, USB ports, wireless charging pad, top-notch audio system and more.

Under the Hood
2018 Lincoln Navigator dropped its iconic V-8 engine and adopted a turbocharged, direct-injection, 3.5-liter V-6 at a whopping 450 horsepower. The torque is impressive as well: 500 lb-ft torque, an improvement of over 10% from last year. This configuration puts the 2018 Lincoln Navigator in the same class as the Ford F-150 Raptor as far as power is concerned. While the EPA rating is not available yet, don’t expect too much given the enormous size of this SUV and the powerful engine it houses.

Pricing information has not yet been made public for 2018 Lincoln Navigators. But we are expecting a significant increase from previous year given the 2018 Navigator has undergone several improvements. Last year, the base price started at $64,000 and we won’t be surprised if the base price is over $70,000 this year. With several trims and options available, you can easily go well beyond $100,000 for this mighty ride.

2018 Lincoln Navigator is a massive beast of a vehicle and we consider this a huge investment. The quality and craftsmanship of this vehicle shines through and justifies the amount spent on any 2018 Lincoln Navigator as ‘money well spent’. A vehicle this expensive deserves all the protection it can get. Why settle for a cheap car cover when the very best of 2018 Lincoln Navigator car covers are priced so reasonably? Head to www.CarAutoCovers.com today and order your 2018 Lincoln Navigator car cover that will fit just right and protect your Navigator for years to come.