Relocating would normally be stressful. But the thought of breaking on the scene with a new bold style titillated me. The first time I decided to explore my new city, I peeled back the Cadillac XTS car covers and drove off without a second thought. Actually, I was thinking about how impressive the Cadillac looked at the moment that the Cadillac car covers came off. It was as if the Cadillac brightened the entire garage with an angelic glow. I just couldn't take my eyes off the beauty. And here I was- a new city, new job, new life- and brand-new XTS car covers. It was surreal.

Showing Off Might Be Wrong- But It's So Much Fun

The first main intersection I approached as I exited my neighborhood led to a very busy part of town. I made a left at the light, and as I made my way I just imagined my Cadillac Cadillac XTS car covers capturing everyone's attention. Thinking of the impression that it made on me when the XTS car covers were removed made me laugh. It helps me envision the looks on all the other driver's faces. I turned on the cruise control, knowing that it has an adaptive feature, and just cruised my way 15 minutes on the road-it was the smoothest ride of my life. I spotted a strip mall on the left and signaled to turn. But because I didn't have my XTS car covers, I contemplated where I would park.

Parking Was Much Easier Than I Thought

The thought of returning to my brand-new Cadillac XTS car covers to see it scratched gave me the idea to park where there were fewer cars. This was the perfect opportunity to test out the safety driver assist technology- which worked perfectly. I could not have done a better job myself, to be honest. When I opened the driver side door, I had enough space to comfortably get out the Cadillac – which meant my neighbor had enough space too. I spent about an hour and $85 at the mall, and when I came back to my car, it was just as I left it.

When I pushed the keypad the car chirped and the lights flashed, which put a big smile on my face. After placing my bags in the trunk, I took another moment to admire my Cadillac. It probably looked peculiar, even suspicious the way I was eyeing it. I looked up at the sky and saw that cause performing as if it was going to rain. I told myself to remember to put the Cadillac car covers on when I got home- but that would be later. I wasn't ready to go home – not just yet.

3 Bars- 1 Parking Lot

I passed two local bars as I was driving, making the third one my choice to check out. I figured I would have a beer at one, then another, then the last, then head home. And that is exactly what I did. The first bar was a tavern, which had a home tile feel. My draft beer was ice cold – perfect for quenching my thirst. The second bar was my favorite because it had a jukebox filled with oldies but goodies. The atmosphere was familiar- like back in my hometown. The last bar is a place I would hang out at to watch football because it had big-screen TVs on the wall. I amaze myself that after three beers, I still remembered that I needed to put the XTS car covers on when I get home. And I did. Afterward, I took a moment to stand in the driveway and breathe the air. It felt right. I knew that this was a great new start. And I had been given a great introduction to my new city- me and my Cadillac.