Audi S5 car covers are not like all other car covers. I used to think they were until I fell in love with them- accidentally.

I love my car, and I spent a lot of time and money making it into my own fully customized Batmobile. Well, not an actual Batmobile. There is only one of those. But my Audi S5, nicknamed Scorpion, was nothing to underestimate. This baby could go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 5 seconds, and she looked good doing it. Her glossy exterior complimented the leather seats, and the wheels were just as glossy. From head to toe, she was a pure vision of beauty to behold.

On the weekends, the guys and I would drive off into the Nevada desert, just several miles away from the Las Vegas Strip to show off our cars, and engage in a little testosterone competition. We all had different tastes in cars but took very god care of them all the same. These were my high school pals, my best buds- the men I could count on for anything. But just like with any group, there is always a bit of competition among a few of us.

My rival-and-friend was Jake. Like me, he had a thing for Audi S5s. He was red on black. Mine was black on red. When I upgraded my engine, he upgraded the engine and exhaust system. I installed a speaker system with small speakers and he installed a big sub. He always tried to one-up me. The keyword here is tried. My Audi always found a way to outperform his, even when he went all out and bought more expensive equipment than I buy. On the inside, I would chuckle once I proved to be the superior of the two in a race or competition, but I have to admit that I would be a tad bit nervous every moment before that triumphant moment.

On this particular Saturday, we dedicated to transform into the fast and furious tribe and race our cars in the desert sand. We paired up against each other, and whom else was I going to race other than Jake? Nobody of course. That race was automatically assumed by default.

Jake and I raced each other, with Jake beating me by perhaps and half of an inch, but me declaring a rematch because it was too close to call. Of course, Jake wanted to hold on to his victory and was not going to risk losing his title to me in a rematch. I concede but promised to beat him the next week- adding a wager to sweeten the deal. He obliged with boastful confidence.

On the way home, I picked up a few parts and oils for my car to enhance the speed because there was no way Jake was going to win the race next week. I wanted to give the engine a tune up to ensure Scorpion would be ready for the race. The sales clerk offered a discount on my purchase if I purchased one of the Audi car covers. Out of pure curiosity, I asked if they had the Audi S5 car covers that were made specifically for my model. The salesperson came back with the last one in stock, so I bought it and returned home.

During the week, I’d spend an hour or so each day working on the car. The s5 car cover sat oni the passenger seat all week until Friday when the kids decided to open the package and play with the cover. I did not mind, they were not being rough, just playful. That evening, I found the cover on the floor and tossed it on top of the car just to get it off the ground. I did not take the time to spread it out or anything. I was just lying on the car.

Later that evening the wind picked up its' speed and it started raining. Nothing major, but enough to blow the cover around. Somehow, the wind managed to spread it and it covered the majority of the car, protecting it from the rain. It rained all night and the cover blew around a little bit, but it never came completely off the car. Saturday morning,

I woke up early, thinking I should wash the car before meeting the guys in the desert. I had completed my small project under the hood, so I was ready for the race, just needed to make sure I showed up looking just as good as always. To my surprise, the car did not need a full wash or wax. The parts of the car that were covered were just as glossy as it was the day before. The debris and dried acidic rain only managed to dirty up a small part of the passenger side of the car, which was easy to wipe down quickly.

Even more, I completely expected the cover to be soaking wet, top and bottom. The cover was not only dry on the top, but there was not moisture underneath the cover. It was almost as if the rainstorm had never happened. I could not believe it. I was used to moisture accumulating under car covers, especially when they are not fully secured against the car. It is very easy for rain water to get trapped underneath, but in this case, the magical fabric used to construct the fabric allowed all the moisture to evaporate quickly, leaving the car spotless and dry.

As embarrassed as I am to say it, I lost the race that Saturday morning. But the defeat was bittersweet. Yes, I lost the race and had to endure Jake bragging once again, but I had something to brag on as well. While his car was obviously spotted from the rain, mine was not. In fact, his Audi as not as glossy as normal, while my precious Scorpion was as shiny as the day I purchased it. I made sure to get my boasting ranks for having the cleanest car of the two. Jake could have his win in speed. I had my win in appearance, and to think: it was totally accidental.