With my wife expecting our first son, she spoke the unthinkable but predictable words: “We need a car with more space for the baby.” I personally think the Ford Thunderbird car covers are accommodating enough, but there is no point in arguing. A happy wife, a happy life. At least, that is what my dad said when I told him about our engagement as we put the Ford car covers over his collectible Thunderbird. Sure, he could say that. He and mom had been married for 30 years, and she let him have his Thunderbird car covers because they had two other cars.

I Bought It Before We Got Married

We had only been acquainted for a few months before I truly fell in love with her – my 2017 Thunderbird I mean. After dropping 45,000 for the personal luxury coupe and matching Ford Thunderbird car covers, I was the proud new owner of a Thunderbird and Ford car covers. I felt like a younger version of my dad, folding up my Thunderbird car covers neatly in the garage so that I could give the car a hand wash. On my third month anniversary, I treated my car to a drive-through car wash. And that is where I met my wife. I helped her washed out her car and left for her phone number. After a few dates, I felt the connection. After six months, I knew she was the one, so I propose. A year after our wedding, my wife announced her pregnancy, and that's when my relationship with my Thunderbird became threatened.

This Was My Favorite Car Ever

Even though I gave him without much of a fight, the thought of being without my Thunderbird was killing me. Even more, the thought of someone else driving my pride and joy made me nauseous. No one could care for her the way that I did, no one understood how she works. It was only for me that she performed so well. My 3.5 L ego boost V6 gas engine produces 400 hp and could muster up to 480-pound feet of torque. That's a lot of power, and when coupled with my 10-speed automatic transmission, there was no terrain I cannot conquer.

The Buyer Was So Excited- And I Was So Sad

In secret hopes to make the process of finding a buyer slower, I placed a bland add, listing my car for sale. I did not even include a picture. But sure enough, the same they are posted the ad was the same day my phone started flooding with calls. One buyer in particular, who wanted the car and the Thunderbird car covers was persistent. He called at least three times, inquiring about the Ford Thunderbird car covers and the condition of the car. My wife got a hold of the messages before I did, and made an appointment for the guy to stop by and take a look.

He showed up at our house just as I was removing the Ford car covers. Before I could say a word, he was in all of the beauty. The more he inspected the car, the more excited he became about buying it. I never got a word in because the guy had cash, and my wife accepted it without even asking me. I could tell he was overly excited driving off in my for Thunderbird. I for one, pretending to be happy, was crushed on the inside. I had to watch my baby leave to make room for my other baby. I'll be sure to remind my son of that today he graduates from college.