When our date ended, I offered to cover the Suburban with Chevrolet Suburban car covers, but she said she was going back out for the night. I wanted t ask if I could ride along- just to ride in the car again- but I kissed her good night, then bid farewell as I watch the taillights light up then roll to the stop sign. After I put my own Chevrolet car covers on my car, I begin to reminisce about my date with the Suburban- and the young lady. I think I fell in love- with her car and Suburban car covers.

There Was So Much Space Inside

The center console was so large and wide, I could easily visualize a laptop fitting comfortable in between us. There were about 121 cubic feet of cargo space in the back, and at least 39 cubic feet of space behind the third row. You could fit 3 kids, your in-laws and the dog in the car-that is perfect for family outings- if she and I were to be a couple of course. Just thinking ahead is all.

And I even think she might have been showing off a little bit. When she used walked toward the trunk of the car to grab her purse from under the Chevrolet Suburban car covers in the cargo area, she let the motion-sensing power lift gate do all the heavy lifting. I complimented her outfit and the style of the Chevrolet car covers, but I really was admiring the sports grille, 22-inch gloss black wheels, roof rails and black mirror caps. How could all of that even fit under Suburban car covers is what I was thinking.

I Could Feel The Power Under The Hood

I could not keep my mind off the Suburban. While she babbled about her charity work for her church, my mind wandered. I kept picturing, in my mind, her Suburban in my garage, hiding under Chevrolet Suburban car covers at night and exploring all the boundaries of the city during the day. So I checked it out on my iPhone when she went to the bathroom. The Suburban that she meticulously keeps under Chevrolet car covers a 5.3 EcoTech3 V8 engine that produces 355 horsepower at 5600 rpm.

The Exterior Was Impressive- But The Interior Was Amazing

There was so much technology inside the car that entertainment was not lacking in the least. Aside from having WiFi capabilities, the entertainment system is equipped to play the radio, CD's, cassettes, and even Blue-Ray videos. The system was not just limited to the front console because back seat passengers have their own entertainment systems. From what I saw- and I tried not to stare- there were plenty of USB outlets, so you could connect tablet, chargers and anything else you wanted. You would absolutely need Suburban car covers to conceal this level of technology- who wouldn't want all of this in a vehicle?