For those of us in the Auto industry, 2017 has started off like an uncaged animal. The Canadian auto market is seeing nothing but green after they round up the first quarter for 2017. Year after year, there have been steady gains and this year’s auto sales increased by almost 5 percent. Those are large gains and like previous years, 2017 is looking no different for the Canadians.

Although the month of April itself did not yield boastful gains, it did show which car brands were on the rise. Even with this dip in April’s sales, the auto market in Canada is still ahead of last year’s numbers and are still forecasting stellar growth in the upcoming months. Nevertheless, what does this actually mean for the car market in Canada?

In the past when we have witnessed spikes in sales and record growth. We have also seen the car covers market soar in conjunction too. For obvious reasons, sales of car covers have increased to accommodate the scalable growth of the automobile market in Canada.

The largest spikes in percent growth for automakers come from the Maserati and Jaguar brands. Each of the two luxury auto giants grew more than 200 percent from last year and each also rose over 100% when compared to April from last year.

What Does This Spike Mean for Existing Car Covers?

Well if you are one of the older car covers, you will probably be experiencing a sudden drop and then the light disappearing. This is your owner throwing you away! As for newer car covers, their lives are just beginning and as more and more new model cars are sold, so will more car covers.

If you have been paying attention, then you will notice that with Jaguar’s influx in sales and increase in percent growth; this may be directly correlated with the release of their newest all-electric I-Pace.

Other brands in the market are also releasing newer models of their already established electric line, but as for Jag. The I-Pace will be the first ever completely electric car manufactured by Jaguar. Can you believe it isn’t even on the market and Jag has already received down payments and deposits for the I-Pace?

As for the coming months, there does not appear to be any obstacles in the way that will slow this growth down. If you are in the market for a new car, now just might be the time to invest in your next car. And once you have found that perfect set of wheels, be sure to keep it clean, safe, and scratch free by using car covers.