Well, that does not come as a surprise. Of course, everybody knows that the Porsche 911 car covers are what all car enthusiasts want. Most likely, well actually, positively & absolutely it is the most sought-after model of the most current 991 generation of the 911 series- even though Porsche car covers experts would certainly note that the 911 car covers are a product of the 991.1 series instead of the 991.2 series that is being widely sold on the market right now.

The 911 car covers are also a rarity, as there are 991 models that were built, and all of them have been claimed. But what we did not expect was for the car to achieve such remarkable prices in less than 12 months following the commencement of deliveries. The Porsche 911 was constructed with enthusiasts in mind.

Under The Hood

The 500-hp 4.0-liter engine is capable of producing 8500 rpm. The body of the Porsche 911 car covers has striking similarities to the GT33 and GT3 RS- but without the flashy aerodynamic features. Most importantly, the exclusive Porsche car covers features a manual transmission, which is important to those who rejected the GT3 for being solely constructed as a PDK- that is custom-designed to include a six-speed box that is properly fitted without the inferior highway performance measures that were experienced with the lesser 911s that fitted a seven-speed box. So yes, by all means, the 911 car covers are truly special and unique.

On The Inside

The Porsche 911 features the same rear-wheel steering, suspension and carbon-ceramic brakes as the GT3, but will more moderate dampers. The seats have the style mimicked in many racing cars and are constructed of black leather that has houndstooth inserts. The interior control instruments are detailed with light-green markings that have a vintage-styled appearance.

Admire its Beauty

In order to reduce the weight and increase the appeal of the 911, the roof is made of lightweight magnesium, the rear seats have been jettisoned, while the front fender and front and rear lids are constructed of carbon fiber. The dual-mass flywheel has been replaced with the 11-pound-lighter single-mass version, along with a lift of the front nose, bixenon headlights, the Sports Chrono pack and the removal of a few other items.

And with a dash of magic dust from Steve McQueen, illuminating the doorsill plates, the luxurious Porsche 911 car covers are available for an astounding $550,000, with options included. That is a long way from the $185,950 price tag that was boasted before the inclusion of options- especially since, for most people, the 911 was unavailable to any enthusiast, regardless of either price. And with a U.K. Collector reportedly paying $1.3 million for the Porsche car covers last summer, and many referring to the Porsche 911 as “the epitome of a driver's car,” the public has sent a strong message but their faith in the brand and just how much they are willing to pay to remain loyal to the 911 car covers.