May 2017 marked the birth of Porsche’s one-millionth 911 to roll off the production line. This memorable Porsche sculpts a familiar frame from one of the first 911’s ever to be constructed. While staying as up-to-date as one can and still true to the original design, this 911 has shut its engine down. It can now be seen on exhibit at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart after it put in miles on a global tour in the US, Nürburgring, and other destinations.

Elegant on the Inside

A sleek interior boasts luscious leather seats with accents of the original Houndstooth pattern from 1964. Exclusive “1,000,000 911” silver etchings call the gauge pod home. Travel back in time with Porsche’s 1960 crest embellished on the steering wheel. The interior also boasts a beautifully magnificent mahogany trim that distinguishes sports cars from the period.

Bling From the Outside

If you get a chance to sit shotgun, then you may see the “1,000,000” badges plastered on the passenger-side dashboard and B-pillar. Just like the first 911, you will not see any lack of shiny silver trim lining the exterior frame of the car. Silver lines the door handles, windows, and even the vent slats to the engine cover. Comfortable performance 20-inch tires rock ode to Fuchs wheels, the same ones that have characterized 911s for years.

Scrapped Electric Venture

While there is no need for this Porsche to ever see the light of car covers, other known historical models can certainly benefit from them. After decades of improvements and minor adjustments to what seems a near perfect debut from the beginning, Porsche was working on a hybrid 911, but there have been reports of that project being shut down, with ultimately Porsche refusing to produce an inferior product.

Those Who Own and Those Who Want to Own

No matter what you are, you’ll always want more. Whether you already have a Porsche or if you sit at work daydreaming about owning one, there are only these two types of people. It is pretty cut and dry when you think about it. Either you own a Porsche. Or you don’t. You could argue about planning to own one, but if you strip it down to the basics, you still don’t own one yet! Start counting your dollars and saving your pennies because if you want to ride in luxury then expect to pay for it!