Whether you are comparing it to the Honda Civic Coupe Ex-T CVT or the Mazda Mx-5 Miata Sports 6AT, the Toyota 86 outperform the competition in terms of fuel economy, horsepower, torque, and power. As the premiere sports car of elite status, this roaring Toyota masterpiece is equipped with an advanced chassis in order to deliver superior control, as the system of the 86 is engineered perform exceedingly well through its center of gravity, as the rear and front weight is balance in order to enhance performance. When coupled with an aggressive horsepower rating, the Toyota 86 outranks his competitors as a crafty model that touts its pedigree from every perspective.

The Eye-Catching Features Of The Toyota 86 Is A Sight To Behold

With just one glance, you can appreciate the aesthetic appeal of this luxurious piece of eye-candy. The aggressiveness of the vehicle from a front view can be intimidating, especially when riding next to a perpetrating competitor. The high-tech edge appearance of the wider front intake and Dual chrome-tipped exhaust in the back is stunning, especially when coupled with the LED projector headlights and turn signals, equipped with low and high-beam capabilities, and embossed with “86” lens. The Toyota 86 car covers perfectly cover the standardly equipped 17 inch twisted spoke allow wheels that are as reflective as diamond cut glass. With the Aerodynamic lower diffuser on the rear bumper as a standard feature, and special models of the 86 having black body strips to detail the car's every curve, the Toyota 86 has celebrity-like appeal.

The Toyota 86 Car Covers Performance Package Is Regal

Built for those who know how to handle a monster of a car, this thrilling experience provider has 860 units of Supernova orange and 860 units in halo white, this vehicles functional rear wing is coupled with differentiated racing stripes, LED fog lights and black side mirror caps. The heated sports seats are leather lined and enhanced with orange stitches and embroidered logos. To enhance the style of the Toyota, and propel the power of the Toyota 86, the back end plates are extended outwards to its maximum capacity in order to utilize the less turbulent air and derive a smooth ride when accelerating to high speeds. There no need to keep your 2017 86 car covers on because it is time to take this beast to the tracks and see what she’s all about!