My brother and I could not be more different. As kids, I was the type to make tents out of Acura RSX car covers, my brother watched WWE wrestling all day. That is, even more, the reason why I was surprised when he decided to get married- I thought he would never settle down. It just was never his style. That's why the second he pulled the Acura car covers back off the Acura- and not the Nissan- I knew we were in for a thrilling adventure. Looking at the RSX car covers on the pavement, I just prayed that he actually made it to the church the next day to say “I Do.”

How I Ended Up Being The Chauffeur

The bachelor party was supposed to be at the hotel suite all night. But then our cousin Gary had this bright idea of going to a casino where it was ladies night at the bar. I knew it was a bad idea- but the Acura RSX car covers were already off the Acura- and there was no turning back. I even kicked the Acura car covers before I got in the driver's seat reluctantly. The four of us headed off to the casino.

As soon as we arrived, my brother doubled $500 on the Black jack table, and one another $200 on a slot machine. He bought a bottle of champagne and walked around with a straw in the bottle. Every time we turned a corner, there was a beautiful lady eyeing my brother down. And they were not shy about approaching any of us-especially my brother. My brother was not shy about entertaining them either. First, he did 2 body shots some brunette who kept flashing her boobs. Then, some older yet attractive lady grabbed his butt, and he turned around and held her close to him, kissing her when their lips met. I crept off to the restroom, and when I came back, they were getting really cozy in a corner. That is when I snatched my brother by the arm and led him to the car- where he threw up all over the backseat

The Acura Is Such A Flirt- And So Is My Brother

I should have taken my brother straight home and put the Acura RSX car covers back on when I had the chance. It was 3 am and my brother was drunk. We decide to go through the 24-hour drive-thru and grab a few burgers. While waiting, I imagined the car covers over the car, and everyone fast asleep. My brother, on the other hand, was staring at a lady across the way having car problems. He gathered himself, got out the car and approached her. The next thing I know, both him and her are crawling into the backseat. It was Stacey- his ex-girlfriend. I wanted to crawl back under one of my tents made from Acura car covers and pretend this was all a dream. Having his ex in the car was a huge mistake.

As If It Could Not Get Worst

When we got back to the hotel, my brother and Stacy were laughing and talking- reminiscing about good times. He was all over her, and she was touching all over him. I asked my brother to come help me put the RSX car covers on the Acura, and he just ignored me. Just as I finished with the Acura car covers, I heard screaming and stomping. Stacey stormed her way past me and left. My brother came out, looked at me-then passed out. The next day, he jumped the broom and if figured it was all worth it. I never did find out what made Stacey so angry, but I can only imagine.