Seeing a Maserati on television, as an athlete or celebrity snatches back the Maserati Ghibli car covers for the big reveal, has a sense of exhilaration to it. But I always assumed the Maserati car covers and theatrics were just part of the Hype. How is it that car covers could really conceal a car if the car is really that luxurious? That level of style and boldness would ooze out even in the dark. Boy was I wrong.

Power And Speed Like No Other

I did not know that the 3.0 L V6 turbocharged engine produced 345 horsepower and 369 feet-pound of torque. In 5,5 seconds, I went from 0 to 60 miles-per-hour. And just to test out the engine and see what the Maserati can do, I was able to get up to 166 mph for a few brief seconds before I saw another car and slowed down. Talk about a rush! I was amazed at how much control of the car, I felt like I was coasting. Never had I imagined the amount of power hiding under the Maserati car covers in the past. The Ghibli car covers were just a part of the reveal. But now that I know better, I will never underestimate what could be hiding under the Maserati car covers.

Exhilaration At It's Best

In another bold moment, I decided to put the car to another test, swerving from lane to lane in traffic to really test the traction, brakes, and control. The slim 76.6 inches of width of the car and Q4 intelligent all-wheel drive, I consistently maintained control of the car. Even on a slick surface, The Q4 – in 150 milliseconds- transferred power to the front wheels, enhancing my braking power. My heart would beat every time I saw Maserati Ghibli car covers on television, imagining the fun and excitement that I was missing out on. The sophistication of the Maserati car covers design was just a hint of the exhilaration that was to behold. Now that I had a chance to test out the Maserati Ghibli for myself, seeing them on television would never be the same. After this experience, seeing the Ghibli car covers would make me drool.

Impeccably Bold Edgy and Stylish

Just like the Maserati Ghibli exhilarating to me, it excitingly captivated anyone in my path. This sedan is the definition of luxury and sophistication. The lines that accent the glossy black finish are clean. The form- from the glossy black 20 inch Urano wheels, to the - is sculptured. The Italian-styled design is complete with black Italian leather upholstery accented with red stitching. I have never seen anything like it- and apparently, the majority feel the same way. Every person I passed, regardless of whether they were in a car or walking, turned to stare. You would have thought the car was floating on air or something. But with the high level of excellence that oozes from the car, the joy of the experience made the view just as mind-blowing for me as it was for them.