With the purchase of a car, the real costs are just starting: as a rule, the accompanying costs for maintaining the car on the road in the next years will multiply. Given that they can rely on the average engine lifetime of over 250.000 miles, buyers of new cars are in a much better position. Irregular servicing represents yet another additional cost, and the avoidance of original spare parts and authorized services is not only expensive but also a bad strategy. However, if you follow some of the directions we provide your car might also experience a "deep age".

Some scientists would argue that they can freeze our bodies and put them in some kind of hibernating state, but it is not hard to notice that this not an exact example of a dynamic and fulfilled life. On the same point, we can try to get to a certain age but if we are not able to exercise the life through a variety of experiences, it begs the question, doesn’t it? Well, in order to have a quality life and live in joy, we sure as heal need our parts. So, try to catch some tips and drive you existence to the max!

The best car is a new car, but many buyers do not know that it is necessary to comply with the engine initial operation period, which, however, is considerably shortened for modern engines. Modern aggregates in the average do not have a long engine initial operational period, and the question is whether it is needed at all. Today, the technology of the production of engines allows extremely small deviations, which means that there is no need for additional time for possible "ironing" of the working parts of the aggregate. Also, engine oil technology has advanced considerably: today, the central control unit, or computer, regulates engine operation with great precision, and it is necessary to maintain crankshafts in the medium operational range only a few minutes after starting the engine to achieve optimum working temperature. In extreme cold, it takes a little more. In other words, if you are constantly starting the engine, to drive for several miles, you are constantly driving with an engine that hasn't reached the required operating temperature. This process simply devours fuel and oil shortening the life expectancy of the engine.

engine initial operation period

Also, something that a small number of people will tell you is regular refueling. If you drive your car on the reserve, sediment and dirt can accumulate from the bottom of the tank. This, in general, and in the long run, can cause much damage to your engine. It, gratefully working better, you will be proud to be able to show off with your new car with pride after many years.

The level of antifreeze, oil, fluid in the gearbox, the servo fluid and the brake fluid should be regularly monitored. Even if your car does not lose fluid, it can quickly reach a dangerously low level. It is necessary to check the color of some of these fluids. Regular oil change will positively affect fuel consumption and engine protection. The recommended mileage between the oil change is 3.000-5.000 miles or every 3 to 6 months. Regular oil change will allow your car to reach more than 200.000 miles.

Each car manufacturer in the service manual clearly and accurately lists the regular intervals and the time of the first service. Regular service is also related to the guarantee: in order for the owner to exercise the right to it, he must not miss a single service. The driver must read the service booklet and it is necessary to know the basic things about his car. When the warranty expires, it often happens that owners do not respect the prescribed service intervals, but take action only when the malfunction occurs.

service manual

It is best to consume the best high-quality mortor oils that contain all the necessary additives. Aggregates that have passed the 60.000 miles mark require even more attention, and shortened service intervals can only extend their lifetime. In addition, the fuel should be poured at proven high-frequency petrol stations.

Only authorized services have qualified technicians that are sent to a variety of seminars and are subjected continuing education processes. Modern, sophisticated cars need complex diagnostics, for which you need a trained and experienced staff. In addition, authorized servicing provides you with original parts installation for which you receive a warranty. It should be kept in mind that the car can be a very dangerous mean of transport if it has built-in vital parts of poor quality or of questioning origin.

In each authorized service, the technicians perform visual oversight during regular service of the vehicle. There are also specialized workshops for tackling suspension and steering systems, which we recommend to be performed. Suspension needs to be checked at least twice a year because of our extremely poor roads with famous impact holes. This is a small intervention that does not cost much and means a lot.

qualified technicians

To ensure that the battery has a long life, or at least a factory default, it is necessary to ensure a high-quality charge.

If you notice oil marks beneath the car, noise from the gearbox, speed-shifting problem, impact when inserted into "D" or "R", do not wait, the problem will only get worse and the car will stand in a crowd in the city or on the highway, which is the least you want to happen to you. It is good to change transmission fluid once a year.

high-quality charge

Tires are one of the essential parts and only ones in contact with the road, and that you need to keep in mind if you want to extend the life of your automotive machine pet. With proper pressure, slowing down the wear and tear, you can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 10%. It is very important that the tires are adequately balanced and suspension tweaked.

If you do not wash the car regularly, within four years you will be able to notice the rust at the bottom of the door. Dirt, salt, and mud hold on some areas eventually causing such changes. The next three to four years, corrosion will affect the lower parts of the car. After all, repairs can cause very high costs, all of which can be avoided by regular car washes, especially in winter when there are large amounts of gravel, slush, and salt on the roads. Well coated with wax and thus protect the clear coat on the vehicle, because the wax extends the quality of paint job.

Is there any universal recipe for a longer car lifespan?

wash the car regularly

Yes. You just need to perform car maintenance on regular basis. Every machine, like our body, requires a health check in certain periods. It is necessary that each owner treats his vehicle with due care and respect.