Snow, mud, birds, insects, salt on the roads and winter cold are great enemies of the car and when that long-anticipated fine weather comes, many choose to wash their cars by themselves. Some do it out of financial reasons, others simply out of love of cars. Either case, no one likes to ride in a dirty car. In addition, poor external maintenance of the car increases the likelihood of paint getting damage and corrosion occurrence. Car detailing without caution can damage the color, and even the engine, it can allow for unpleasant smells to spread in the cabin, and among other things, cause the infection. This would reduce the selling price of your car, or you would be forced to invest heavily in the repair of bodywork and painting.

We bring you suggestions of how to maintain your car and to clean your metal pet in a very fast and easy way. Cleaning the car is not the most rewarding job because your metal pet getting dirty quickly as soon as you get him on the street the very next time. Re-cleaning requires time and money, as well as exposure to various chemicals. However, certain techniques can help you reduce costs of detailing and keep your car cleaner for longer.

We bring you ten tricks & tips of how to clean your car in a fast, cheap and easy way. Some are unusual, some professional, in any case, after reading them you should be able to improve your car detailing methods.

#1 Remove large impurities
Keep in mind that if you do not want permanent "scars" the bodywork, you must respond immediately. When not cleared in time, bird droppings and insects damage the color. At best, light spots will remain on the clear coat, while in difficult cases (when they stay long), it can get through. Before using water, remove the first layer of dirt from the car, make sure there are major no impurities. When you wash the car for the first time with clean water, pour the car wash into the slightly warmed water and remove other impurities with high-density foam.

Remove large impurities

#2 Use only a new spouse
When washing a car, it is common to use a normal sponge, but only for one wash. Namely, when using an old sponge on, there are accumulated particles from the last detailing, and you risk getting the bodywork damaged. There will be further consequences as well if the car is being washed with a dishwashing sponge. If you have no new sponge, use a soft cloth.

#3 Polishing and wax application with caution
This job is not so easy, but since car gets completely safe from the sun, rainfalls and the dirt, it is worth the effort. However, keep in mind that these treatments require knowledge and experience because the mistakes are made. Color and paint can be damaged if you are polishing or waxing on a dirty surface or if the car is in the sun. If you do not have a professional polishing machine, it is enough to take cotton wool and polishing paste, read the instructions and then remove the minor surface injuries in circular movements. This process lasts for several hours, so prepare yourself; you know what awaits you, "wax on, wax off". You can even use a clay bar with a lubricant if you need to get those imperfections taken care of.

#4 Clean the interior first
The seats get dirty most easily, so they are the first on the cleaning list. However, wash them at the end so that you can sit on them while cleaning the rest of the cabin. First, clean the carpet, vacuum the floor and seat, and clean the plastic surfaces with a special cleaner mixture and with a microfiber cloth. When washing your seat, use a special spray for dry cleaning, which also removes stains. Clean the glass, the roof and the fabric at the door. Cleansing of the leather seats require more attention than others, and therefore a little more attention. Namely, vacuuming of the leather interior can easily end with scratches that remain. So, clean the leather interior carefully, with a soft cloth and special protective leather cream. Don't forget to clean the Baby Car Seat Covers as well!

Clean the interior first
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#5 Air-conditioning stink prevention maintenance is a must
If the air conditioning is always switched off with the car engine (not, for example, a few minutes before), the system remains wet, causing unpleasant smells to come out. The solution to that is simple. Just a few minutes before you finish driving, turn off the air conditioning, but leave the fans to run at maximum speed. This will allow the evaporator to cool down and eliminate moisture from the system. The moisture on the evaporator causes the formation of bacteria and fungi spreading unpleasant smells in the cabin. In addition, most drivers are fairly careless when it comes to air conditioning maintenance. You can also buy an air conditioning cleaning sprays in all auto store stores.

Air-conditioning stink prevention maintenance is a must

#6 During engine clean-up focus on grease
There are two solutions when it comes to the detailing of the engine, you can do it alone or drive a car to a car wash detailing service. If you chose the first option, you need to get a degreasing spray and the electrical installation should be protected in order not to get wet. Spray the cables, filters, and plastic and then clean them up with a cloth. More and more drivers use just a pressure hose damaging electrical installations and other sensitive parts. Never direct the pressure hose directly to the car radiator.

During engine clean-up focus on grease

#7 Use homemade car washing mixture
Make a natural car wash mixture in the following way: Place 100 grams of baking soda and half a cup of dishwashing liquid in a five-liter canister. Fill out the rest of the canister with water. Do not pour water under strong pressure, as the dishwashing liquid will foam out and exit the canister. Close the canister, shake well and let it stand. The next time you wash your car, pour one cup of this mixture in the bucket and add slightly warmed water. Stir well and your car wash homemade mixture is ready to use. Get that bodywork clean in no time with this backing soda mixture.

Car washing mixture
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#8 Remove the hair left behind by your pets
It's better than any suction process of vacuuming! Pour the water into the spray bottle and gently sprinkle the seats. Then, take a cloth used for the cleaning of mirrors and windows and swipe it down the seats. You'll see how easily all the hair is picked up by it.

#9 Get that brilliant chromed wheels shine naturally
Create a mixture of water and clear vinegar in equal parts and pour into the spray bottle. Spray the wheels, then wipe them with a cloth and you will be able to see a reflection of you in them.

Get that brilliant chromed wheels shine naturally

#10 Do not let any water get to your electric window regulators
Many drivers face an unpleasant and costly problem when the electric window regulators are poorly operated or not working at all. This problem is most often caused by the poor detailing job. It's really irritating when our windows regulators do not work or work just "when they want", half-way, and so on. The problem is that water gets to these commands, and the electrical conductors corrode, which leads to their failure. Do not allow any drops to reach these parts, and as soon as the small rain starts, make sure to close the windows completely and be careful when detailing the car interior.