Do you feel that? Yeah, if you’ve been under a rock for the last 30 years or just refuse to admit the existence of global warming, then you will probably just chalk this early warm weather, just as that. Warm weather that came early. No! The planet’s overall temperature is rising and it is wreaking havoc across the globe. As a result, a demand for car covers is expected to soar. Research has noticed a steady climb in luxury vehicles. The trend does not appear to be slowing down and with this desire to splurge disposable on cars; manufacturers are turning to third party companies that produce car covers.

As we all know the heat can destroy the inside of a car’s interior, and with the climbing temperature, the car covers market is expected to run out of supply in order to meet the demands. Right now there doesn’t appear to be a concern. However, by 2020, researchers predict a drastic decrease the supply of car covers due to a skyrocket in demand.

Car covers have other uses outside of blocking the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your interior upholstery. Depending on the brand, some come with multiple layers that provide even more protection. If you aren’t willing to spend the money on a good cover, then you mine as well pull a tarp of your ride because that is basically what you’re paying for. Luxury car covers come in layers the range between 3 different layers and up.

Car covers protect your car from being hit with the elements. Weather can wear down your paint causing it to fade and lose its beautiful shine. Car covers also deflect animal scratches, bird stool, and curveballs from nature like tree sap and other things. This is important when you want to keep your ride clean and whether it’s a BMW x7 or Corvette, you’ll want to make sure you are driving your best. But even this is not why car covers are going to explode into a whole new trendverse.

One of the biggest reasons car covers are going to become hard to find is because the heat will become too extreme to just park out in uncovered areas. The reason being is the heat will start to cause electronic malfunctions and guess what folks? Your car runs on computer chips and as technology advances, more and more electronics are being poured into cars without concern of overheating disaster. Global warming versus cars. My money is on global warming unless you’ve invested car covers.