Compare installing a car cover with putting on a shirt. You can’t really mess it up, unless of course, you put your shirt on backwards or inside-out. Installing a car cover is that easy, just like throwing on a shirt. Here, we’ll explain the most straightforward way to install your car cover.

Identify the front

Every car cover has a front end and a back end. You can identify the front end by searching for a tag, that’ll either be sewn-on or stamped. Once you’ve got the front end of the cover in your hands, you can start wrapping it around the front bumper of your car, and then work your way to the rear. Keep in mind that any fitted car cover is designed to wrap around and protect your side mirrors, hitch, and other possible protrusions. You’ll want to slowly pull the cover over jutting car parts, like the mirrors, safely fitting them into their corresponding pockets.

The antenna

Some car covers are designed with a hole for your antenna however many covers aren’t. If you purchased a car cover without a hole and your antenna doesn’t retract, then you should consider installing a grommet. You can install a grommet on your own. The easiest way to do it is to pull the cover over your car like normal, and then mark the spot where the antenna would poke through. Make a hole at that spot and then insert the grommet. The antenna will fit through the grommet in the cover. Some cars have power antennas, aka retractable antennas that can retract completely beneath the surface of the car. If you have a power antenna, then you can put your cover over the car, hassle-free.

Tie downs

Do you live in a very windy area? If yes, tie downs are a must-have, since they help secure your cover in place, so that it doesn’t get blown away. Tie downs can also reduce the chances of vehicle theft, making it trickier for someone to get inside of your car. If you own a regular cover rather than a fitted cover, tie downs can also improve the fit of your car cover, better protecting the vehicle. Some covers are equipped with an elastic hem feature, which complements the tie downs. You can easily install tie downs. Four clamps bite down on the four corners of the car cover and are then attached to two adjustable cords. One of the cords runs between the two front clamps and the other cord goes between the two rear clamps. When you purchase tie downs, they’ll come with additional installation instructions.

Removing a Car Cover

Removing a car cover is very simple. Unclamp the tie downs and then pull the ends of the car cover, over the bumpers of your car. Remove the cover slowly, taking extra care around the side mirrors and antenna. You can also fold your cover in the process, killing two birds with one stone.

Car cover maintenance

Car covers can pick up a fair amount of dust, debris, and pollen, becoming soiled over time. You’ll want to take extra care when storing your car cover, keeping it in good condition for longer. Before folding and packing your cover, brush off the dust and debris. Never run your car cover through a standard washer and dryer cycle, since this will damage the fabric and nullify the warranty. You can however use a power washer or garden hose and some laundry detergent to hand wash your car cover from time to time.

Can a car cover ever damage my car?

It shouldn’t.

Car covers that are made out of the standard materials won’t scratch or damage the finishing, paint, or exterior of your vehicle. However, knock-off car covers can sometimes, scratch your car. With that being said, take precaution when buying your car cover and check that it’s coming from a reputable store or website. Your best bet is to look for good reviews, social media engagement, and a generous return policy and warranty policy when choosing a car cover retailer.

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