Chevrolet Monte Carlo car covers shelter the most masculine and luxurious of all muscle cars that can compete. Nicknamed “Flat Nose”, the Chevrolet Monte Carlo Car Covers won more than 30 races in the 1970 while winning 3 NASCAR races between 1981 and 1982 and multiple NASCAR Manufacturers Cup awards in 1995, Not only does that mean Monte Carlos are fast, they’re winners worthy of protection from the award winning Chevrolet car covers.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo Car Covers Evolved Over The Years

The first four generations of Chevrolet car covers featured a rear drive V8 engines that worked in unison with construction and design of the body to operate. In 1988, rear-drive Monte Carlo was discontinued and a new era of front driving Monte Carlo's was introduced to the world in 1995 with the V6 sedan style coupe. Influencing vehicles such as the Pontiac Grand Prix, Chevrolet Impala, and Buick LaCrosse and being influenced by the aerodynamic body style of the Chevrolet Lumina.

Monte Carlo Car Covers Feature Incomparable Horsepower, Speed and Control

The midsize 5-seat coupe Monte Carlo modern models feature 5.3-liter V8 engine, producing 303 hp on a 4 speed 4T65E-HD automatic transmission. That is a lot of horsepower for any car, especially one that was not produced during the new millennium when manufacturers really focused on speed.

Chevrolet Car covers Revolutionary Body Design

The coupe design must remain covered with Chevrolet Monte Carlo car covers that keep the paint job flawless and every single part intact while stored. The personal luxury cars; sleek design, bod-on frame design was widely popular when introduced in 1970. And as the generations succeeding the initial model was produced, the style maintained a contemporary design that Chevy owners became loyal to. From the A-body design of the early 70's, to the egg-create grill of the of the later part of the decade, then to the G-body platform of the 80's and the Cutlass Supreme styled, W-Body of the 80's, the Monte Carlo car covers have been protecting one of America’s most beloved cars for decades.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo Car Covers Catches The Eye Of Influential People

Even though production of new Monte Carlos ceased on June 19, 2007, these sporty vehicles have still managed to become the favorites of celebrities and race car drivers who recognize the noteworthy journey of the Chevrolet car covers and the power they possess that is unmatched by the competition. These influential people believe in protecting their beautiful masterpiece with Chevrolet Monte Carlo car covers in order to ensure their historical play toy will last until it becomes an antique or collectors’ vehicle.