If you are looking for a car that will last forever, then look no further. We’ve been trying to compile a list of cars that will easily get you over 200,000 miles before they finally kick the bucket. Now, before we dive into our list of cars that will run well for a long time, we’ll probably mention what should be obvious, but to some may not be. Cars don’t just last forever with zero effort on the owners part. For any car to last a long time, you’ve got to take good care of it. Do all of the required maintenance on time, and when the car needs it. Buy the best car cover online to protect your vehicle from the elements and dust and dirt and pollen. There are a lot of hazards that can hurt your car, but if you are will to put in a little effort and use high quality gas and oil, and take it in for regular tune-ups, regular car washes, regular tire balancing and rotations, brake pad changes, belt changes etc. we promise, you can get a lot of long and healthy life out of these cars. Now, let’s get to it and dive into some of the cars that will run the longest. 

  • The Ford F-150. It’s no secret that pick up trucks have been dominating the sales charts for the past several years and Ford’s are amongst the top selling pickups. They have an all-aluminum body which is a big deal because their earlier version were all steel-bodies and that added an extra 700 lbs. There are several engines to choose from as well. You can have 2.7 or 3.5-liter turbo V6, or the new 3.3-liter V6, or a 5.0 liter V8, so clearly there is an engine out there for every preference. All of them have a 10-speed automatic transmission and surprisingly enough all of the turbo V6’s are effortless and quiet and are great for towing. They are also coming out with hybrid and diesel options soon but for now, they all come with pedestrian detection, pre-collision assist, and adaptive cruise control as part of their safety packages and an optional Sync 3 infotainment system. They get about 19 to 21 mpg and are quicker than you’d think they’d be going from 0-60. The ride is a little stiff, but the cabin is quiet. It’s a great option and will easily run for a long time. 
  • The Toyota Highlander has been at the top of the list of best midsized three-row seat SUV’s for a while now. It almost seems like anything Toyota puts their name on will run for a long time. But these are great SUV’s for the family who needs the room but doesn’t want to drive a mini-van. The hybrid version gets about 25 mpg while the other versions get about 22 mpg overall. That’s due in part to a new transmission that helped with the fuel economy. It’s an eight-speed transmission that’s attached to the 3.5 liter V6 engine. Those who drive them say they have good responsive handling, and the vehicle absorbs the ride well. You can choose between three row seating for eight or captains chairs that will fit seven comfortably. There is generous interior space and all of the chairs fold down nicely to give you plenty of cargo space for anything else you may need to pack around. Tons of features come standard on these cares like automatic emergency braking, and a complete package of safety technology. There is an 8-inch touch screen as well, which is a nice feature to have. The highlander always scores high on the reliability and safety tests and overall, this is a great family SUV that won’t let you down and you can get some serious use out of.
  • Another Toyota makes the list and frankly, we aren’t surprised. Toyota has a reputation for making great, safe, reliable cars that will run forever. The 4Runner is another one of those vehicles that was built to go off-roading. It’s tough, and powerful with it’s 4.0-liter V6 engine and will get you pretty much anywhere you want to go. But if you are looking for a smooth ride with incredible handling, then this may not be the vehicle for you. It’s a great vehicle, but it’s clumsy and leans when you take a corner. It’s not a smooth ride and will bob all over the road and the way it was designed with a high step-in and low ceiling makes getting in and out of the vehicle difficult and you’ll probably bump your head more than once. But again, this vehicle was made to go off-roading where bouncing all over the trail is to be expected. It comes with steel skid plates and plenty of ground clearance and the 4WD system comes fully ready to take you on your off-roading adventure. There is nothing too fancy or luxury about this vehicle but that’s not what it was designed for. It’s got plenty of easy to reach and simple controls and most people love the power-retractable read window. There is also an optional third row seat, but we wonder if it would fit more than a toddler size person very comfortably. This vehicle still has some grit though and if taken care of will run forever. 
  • Another Toyota is on the list. Are you surprised yet? We aren’t. However, this time it’s not an SUV. It’s their little Corolla that’s even college co-eds dream. At least when we were in college, it seemed like all the college kids were driving around beat up old corollas. So see…just like that you can tell that these cars last forever. These little cars are reliable and offer a comfortable ride with a quiet, spacious interior- at least as far as compact sedans are concerned. They aren’t luxurious little cars by any means but they’ll get the job done and run and run and run. They say that the handling is a little lackluster and leaves something to be desired but the car stays on the road and if you choose to go with the SE version of the car it’s sportier with better suspension and slightly better handling. The rear seat is one of the biggest and roomiest in the category and it comes standards with emergency braking and forward-collision warning, which is nice. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, automatic climate control, simple controls and a touch screen radio. But that’s as far as it goes for any type of “upscale features”. These are little cloth and padded seats, and hard plastic parts but the upside is, it gets great gas mileage at 32 mpg overall and they are pretty simple cars that are cheap and easy to maintain. You’ll be able to put a ton of miles on these Corollas. 
  • The Honda Civic is basically in the same class as the Toyota Corolla. They both will run forever, get great gas mileage and are simple little cars that will get you from point A to point B, without shelling out a ton of cash for luxury items that you may or may not need. The Civic has come a long way over time though. It’s a capable little compact car. You can get either a base 2.0 liter engine or an option turbo 1.5 liter engine which both get great gas mileage. The turbo will give you more available power for sure. The car comes with a continuously variable transmission, which does amplify the noise of the base engine, but it’s not as noticeable on the turbo. The Civic even comes in several versions like the Type-R that has 306 horsepower and is ready for the track with its high performance. Or there is the sport version, which is a hatchback with four doors that’s pretty practical, and then there is the Si version, which is a bargain performance model. The ride on these cars is comfortable and the handling has been said to be pretty precise. They even thought through the internal storage space. Our biggest complaint is the low stance on these cars, which means getting in and out can be a bit of an ordeal especially if your lady is wearing a skirt and trying to maintain her decency. There is also an infotainment system included, but it’s pretty standard and nothing to write home about. These are the perfect little cars to deck out with after market parts, trims and spoilers though and you can have a lot of fun with them. They are reliable and will last forever. 
  • I guess for good measure, we should put a mini-van on the list. I’ve never been a mini-van driver myself, but my friends who have minivans have had several and keep buying them because they swear by them. I get that they much be pretty practical, awesome vehicles and I can totally see why people love them. The Toyota Sienna is a great choice for a minivan but probably won’t get you overly excited to drive one. It has a lively 3.5 liter V6 engine and a new eight speed transmission, but it doesn’t shift quite as smoothly as the old six-speed transmission did and though the ride is comfortable, and the inside of the cabin is quiet while you drive, the handling is pretty lackluster. The fuel efficiency is around 21 mpg and there is an all-wheel-drive version available that is the only one of it’s kind on the market. It can seat up to 8 people and if you don’t need that 8th seat then you can quickly store it when it’s not needed. It comes with adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, lane-departure with warning, emergency braking which is automatic, and forward-collision warning. It’s a pretty sweet little ride…you know, for a minivan.
  • The Honda CR-V comes with automatic emergency braking and blind spot warning. If you choose to go with the EX and above trim levels you also get a 7-inch touch screen infotainment center that comes standard. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are already ready to go and compatible. Your cabin is quiet and the interior is roomy, comfortable and offers plenty of space for your passengers. The CR-V has long been one of the better models in the small SUV class because of the good fuel economy, competent handling and roomy cabin. The base engine is a 2.4liter, 184 horsepower four-cylinder engine. These are another one of those cars that are reliable, safe, and scores well on their crash test ratings. It’s a great little SUV to zip around town in and you’ll be able to get a ton of miles out of one of these. 
  • What can we say about the Toyota Prius? It seems to have taken the world by storm. Everyone and their dog are jumping on the Prius bandwagon and Prius itself has come a long way from earlier versions of itself. Right now the Prius boasts 52 mpg overall which is awesome! The ride is comfortable and the car handles more responsively as well. They have done a good job of making their dashboards and digital gauges fun with different colors and they are displayed boldly across the dashboard. A plug in version of the Prius called the Prius Prime cane go around 23 miles on electric power before the gas kicks in and will take about 5 hours to charge on 120V. The Prius comes with a touch-screen infotainment system and is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate. These cars are sensible, efficient, and low costs and the engines are very quiet when they kick in, but they don’t need to kick in until after the first 25 miles of being run solely on electricity. The seats are very just ok, as far as support is concerned and the tire noise is pretty noticeable to some, and if you are looking for a car that’s not low to the ground, then this is not the car for you. But with that’s being said, they come standards with automatic braking and forward-collision warning which is great. These cars are still a fan favorite and seem to have a cult-like following. Guess it’s good news that they’ll run forever too. 
  • Hondas are great cars with a lot of longevity. The accord has come a long way and now is a much more luxurious version of itself vs. the older versions. The accord offers some different engines they are turbocharged, four-cylinder engines. You can either choose the base 1.5-liter that is shared with the Honda CR-V that has the continuously variable transmission and 192 horsepower, or you can get the 2.0liter turbocharged engine that’s got 252-horse power with a 10-speed automatic transmission that has a push button gear selector. There is also a hybrid version available. These cars come with standards safety equipment like forward-collision warning, lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking. They also have made a large improvement with their infotainment system that includes knobs for volume adjustment and tuning. People who have these cars love them and say they handle well and the ride is smooth. They also run forever.
  • The Toyota Camry is also another fan favorite for those who want a snazzy and nimble sedan. These cars are roomy, quiet, comfortable and have impressive fuel efficiency at 32 mpg overall. There is a standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine or you can choose to go with a 3.5 liter V6 for more power. Both are paired with a new eight-speed automatic transmission. If you want even more fuel efficiency you can go for the hybrid model that gets 47mpg overall and doesn’t even sacrifice the truck space. Talk about win-win. There is standard safety features automatic emergency breaking, forward-collision warning, and if you want blind spot warning, that’s optional as well. The infotainment system is capable but doesn’t have the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, but we’re pretty sure that’s wont last long especially if consumers start choosing other sedans in the call instead of that one for this reason. It’s a short-term oversight. These are great cars that run well, are safe, reliable and even look good. They have been redesigned and are sleeker, and sexier than their older generations.

We know we couldn’t cover every car on this list that would run forever and allow you to easily put over 200,000 miles on it. Heck, we know of tons of trucks and SUV’s that will do that. Again, it really comes down to how you take care of your vehicle. You are going to get out of it what you put into it. Take good care of your baby and she’ll take good care of you. Hopefully this was helpful in your search for a great car, but we suggest doing your own research too. There are tons of different cars out there and depending on what your personal situation, budget or needs are – your list may vary greatly from this list. Good luck in your search.